Massage & Bodywork

Sky  graduated from the Institute for Psycho-Structural Balancing in Culver City, CA in 2009. Their specialty is treating headaches and TMJ Disorder using Trigger Point, Cupping, and Cranio-Sacral modalities. Sky's approach to bodywork focuses on creating the space for fascial unwinding, and allowing the body's natural healing abilities to resume.


Kat Rose studied massage at Nevada School of Massage Therapy and graduated in 2004. Having extensive Five-Star spa experience, her laser focused work is deep & effective while also relaxing.

Kat Rose specializes in Structural Integration, Deep Tissue, Movement Therapy and a unique blend of Thai, Shiatsu and other modalities in floor mat sessions. Kat's approach to bodywork has a strong foundation in freedom of movement for freedom from pain. Her work aims to release structural holding patterns hindering proficient movement and to support efficient alignment and function within the physical body.

Kat Rose Wild, lmt

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