Massage & Bodywork

Headache/TMJD Therapy: Using trigger point, cranial-sacral, face cupping therapy, and CBD balm, fascial restrictions around the head, neck and face are released. Multiple sessions (6 or more) are recommended to achieve the longest lasting benefit.

30min- $45
45min- $65
60min- $80
75min- $95

90min- $110

Therapeutic Relaxation: Sky has studied several modalities and techniques over the years to provide individualized treatments for all bodies in all stages.
Deep swedish, cranial sacral, and CBD balm are typically used to provide lasting stress relief.

Negative Pressure Therapy- Cupping: As old as massage, and greatly complements it. The cups work by lifting the tissues instead of pressing on them- this creates more space for healing blood & lymph flow, increasing circulation, breaking up adipose tissue, and releasing fascial restrictions. We often integrate cupping with most treatments, unless it is specifically contraindicated or simply declined.

Body Center Healing