Headache/TMJD Therapy: Using trigger point, cranial-sacral, face cupping therapy, and CBD balm, fascial restrictions around the head, neck and face are released. Multiple sessions (6 or more) are recommended to achieve the longest lasting benefit.

Body Center Healing

30min- $45
45min- $65
60min- $80
75min- $95

90min- $110

Custom Therapeutic or Relaxation: Both Sky and Kat Rose have studied several modalities and techniques over the years to give them a generous skill set to provide individualized treatments for all types of people.

Injury/Rehabilitative/Specialized Sessions: Are you dealing with a specific issue such as an injury (new or old) or a chronic physical condition? Do you suffer from sciatic pain, carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, or plantar fasciitis? Are you still dealing with an old sports injury or haven’t quite felt the same since an accident? Have you lost mobility or range of motion in your joints? Massage is the perfect therapy when dealing with soft tissue, muscular, and postural ailments. Relief can come from focused bodywork to a specific issue. These are NOT full body sessions. If you’re looking for long term recovery we recommend skipping the full body and going with a focused session. Please note in most cases, long term and enduring symptoms can take a few to several sessions to fully recover and have lasting effects.

The Best of East & West - Fusion Mat Session: The Mat Session is done with a padded mat on the floor and is done fully clothed in comfortable, loose fitting or yoga type clothing. This treatment is a blend of Thai Massage, Balinese Massage, Yoga, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Sports Massage, Structural Integration and Injury Massage. It incorporates compression, stretching and range of motion, increasing chi flow and promoting overall balance through the body. Most people who enjoy this massage say it leaves them feeling both relaxed and invigorated.

Negative Pressure Therapy- aka 'Cupping': As old as massage, and greatly complements it. The cups work by lifting the tissues instead of pressing on them- this creates more space for healing blood & lymph flow, increasing circulation, breaking up adipose tissue, and releasing fascial restrictions. We often integrate cupping with most treatments, unless it is specifically contraindicated or simply declined.

Massage & Bodywork